What is

What will you find today? That is the tag like of, is a showcase of designers, photographers and artists. There are hundreds of amazingly talented people out there who produces some breathtaking work, unfortunately most of that goes unnoticed. My efforts with are to bring those to the crowds for further appreciation.

Do you ask permissions to post

Prior permissions as I have found out with experience is a long process. Most artists, photographers and designers are content with a link back as I have found out in most occasions. strives to get prior permissions in most cases.

Do you Credit your posts

All content is credited by the source at the end of the post/story/images. In many occasions work is credited in the title of the post. For Example ‘Fashion Photographer Phil Poynter

Why do you place your Watermark

The ‘Spotted at’ watermark on the images does not denote or claim that the image belongs or has been created by, it is only used to prevent bandwidth thieves from copying the source code and displaying content on their websites.

Do you make money from

Yes, I place ads to cover hosting and the development expenses. However, the man hours I spend on are not compensated by the small sum of amount I make from the ads placed.

Copyright Violations

Please be aware that none of the content here is my own or my creation. has nothing to do with the rights of the content, except collect and showcase it here. The original content will never be altered or modified to fill my needs.

Why are some posts not credited

When work is sourced from social bookmarking websites which do not have a proper source listed, work is not credited, in most cases I look for the origins of the work to credit those. When a random collection of work is posted and sources of each image is not available, work is not credited. In these cases I encourage the viewers or owners to inform me of the source. will ensure the work is credited immediately in the necessary way.

My work is not credited/in the right way

If you need your content credited in any other way apart from the above mentioned, please Contact me. if you find that your content is wrongly sourced or not credited please use the contact form below to report such instances.

I want my work removed

If authentic, all requests for removal of content will be handled in less than 48 hours.


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